Monday, June 25, 2007

About Tulsa United 2007

Tulsa United Film Festival (TUFF) has officially changed it's name from "Uncensored" to "United".
The change is in name only and will by no means affect the quality programming you have come
to expect from a TUFF event. It's simply a way to ensure more exposure and coverage for our
festival so that we can reach more filmmakers and wider audiences. Plus now with sister festivals
in New York & Los Angeles, the name truly embodies the spirit of what TUFF represents.

TUFF is proud to present the highly-anticipated Tulsa premiere of "Strictly Background",
the award-winning documentary about real life movie extras trying to make it big in
Hollywood. This heartfelt and compelling feature length film will take place on opening
night and will kick things off in style!

Plus TUFF has another Tulsa premiere lined up - the critically acclaimed documentary,
"Strong Enough To Break", which will screen closing night. This film documents the
struggles and tension that drove Tulsa's very own, Hanson, to leave their major label
record company and take a huge risk by starting their own label.

TUFF has just announced the complete lineup!